Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh baby Bolton

Emma Elizabeth Bolton
Uncle Andy and the cousins
My sister Marian and her husband Andy had baby Emma last week on June 20th! They invited me to participate in the birth and I was blessed enough to be a witness as she was born into this world. It was one of the most joyful moments I have ever seen (other than the birth of our 3 kids). Emma is pretty pretty pretty and mama and daddy are so proud. I am very excited to be a new auntie.

The kids were so happy and excited to meet her and to touch her tiny hands and feet. Brooklyn seemed so big next to my tiny new niece. It's incredible how fast the first year goes by when you have a new baby. 

We made them dinner and stayed for a few hours...but I could have stayed a lot longer. She is the sweetest little thing in the world. Congratulations to the Bolton Family.

Here is the Archer clan meeting baby Emma for the first time. Proud new cousins Taylor, Camden and Brooklyn were very sweet with her. I just love the smile on Andy's face.

I think Taylor was the happiest of all! She loves babies.

Taylor and Cam

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. I put a few pictures of flickr. Brooklyn enjoyed tearing the paper and putting it in her mouth.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spiderman takes over Turkey Day

Halloween, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! Why am I posting a Halloween picture today? I just had to tell you this story...This morning Camden was dressed and ready to go to Thanksgiving breakfast at 8 AM in full Spiderman attire from Halloween. He was even chewing gum (a gift from grandma) and stringing a creative "gum web" from one end of the kitchen to the other like a "real spider". Imagine. Just imagine his beautiful gum web that was built just for me. My Sleeping Beauty Taylor was snoozing until 9 AM while the baby was busy clapping her hands for Spiderman. Last week, Brooklyn actually ate a spider off the floor. True story! Today she will be eating her first turkey. I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving! Very thankful for these 3 beautiful babies and for my husband who is out playing in the annual Turkey Bowl this morning. Also thankful for our World Vision sponsor child Ashenafi from Ethiopia. He writes me about once a quarter. Here is my most recent letter from Ashenafi: (written with a VERY thankful heart)

Dear Nancy,
First I would like to express my deepest greetings to you. I hope you stay happy and healthy. I wish this letter finds you in good health and doing well. I am fine! The letter and photos that you sent reached me through project development workers. I was very glad to read your letter. It was so beautiful that I do not know how to express my feelings of being happy to read that you love me so much. Thank you so much for that wonderful letter. I am admirable that God brought two families together from two different corners of the world. I trust that such a way of communication will make us a strong family and long life friends in the future. I would like to wish you a long life. May peace and health be yours in abundance.

Ashenafi Gujo,
age 10

On this Thanksgiving, may your family be blessed. Each family has it's characters, whether it's spiderman, sleeping beauty, crazy uncle Bob, whoever you are spending your hours with, I pray that your heart will be open and full of gratitude for what God has given you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Camden's Birthday

Oh boy! Our big guy turned 3 last Saturday! How cool did he feel at his party next to Maria-Grace? So cool. He calls her his "girlfriend."

Brian made baseball cupcakes for the kids. BIG hit. I decided Root Beer floats and pizza made a yummy combo. Everyone stuffed their faces. The funniest part was when Cam fell under the table after he blew out his candles. We actually got it on video!

Grandma Gi-Gi, Papa Jeff, Uncle Justin and Cousin Grace had a great time. Gina left for Guatemala a few days later with World Vision.

Gifts were a blur. I don't even see Camden in this picture. The cards got stomped! Looks like Aiden and Taylor are having fun opening all the cars!

A rare shot of me at this shin dig. I was "behind the scenes".

Mr. Archer was a great host as well - talking it up with the guests and making sure they were entertained.

Many of our beautiful friends were in attendance. Here is the especially gorgeous Sarah Blondin! Did I mention she is a dentist? Brooklyn doesn't have any teeth yet. Just thought I would mention that since she is five months old now. This is very unusual for our kids! Taylor and Cam had a full set of teeth by this time.

Cam was slightly stunned that he fell under the table. Tough guy!

Pinata time was pretty funny to watch! Thanks to Grandma Nettie for finding a fire engine! Anderson was winning by a landslide. This almost was the most important part of the party - unless you count what happened next.

Daddy and the Uncles got a bit carried away this year! Where is the helmet, pads, protective armor, steel boots and training wheels??? No trips to the ER please!

I have to take a moment to mention of all the men at this toddler birthday party. They were there to watch Cam get his first dirt bike! I've never seen so many guys at a kid birthday. Thank you all for coming. Cam LOVES his bike. Did I mention that nobody told me this was going to happen?

WOW - I can't tell you how happy this moment was for your dad, Camden. He was riding at the ripe old age of two. This was a moment in history for father and son. I have to admit, it was pretty cool and I think all of the other kids had bike envy.

Cam also enjoyed several other gifts. "Cars" was a bit of a theme this year. We have a Lightening McQueen in every size. He LOVES that car you know.

Cam fell the day before his birthday but wanted to make a fashion statement with the band aid. What a trend setter.

He even got sympathy from the firemen driving by and they gave him gifts. No kidding!

At the end of a great birthday, the kids enjoyed acting out the days events while blowing out the birthday candles OVER and OVER again! It was so funny and I have never laughed so hard in my life. They were pretending to fall under the table and disappear just like Camden's stunt earlier that day.

Camden, I adore you. We all adore you. Such a character! Do me a favor and DRIVE SAFE!

Happy 3rd Birthday!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

Every morning I say to the kids: "Good Morning Sunshines!" and they reply: "Good Morning Sunshine Mom!"

Then we start the day. We're really enjoying all of the sun breaks this Spring. We like to take advantage of all of them. Here are a few of our most recent outdoor adventures...

Mornings begin on the couch - love those kids
Pretty girls

Zoo trip with Grandma

This time Cam got to see his friend Maria Grace at Kids Zone

Soccer in the yard

Brian is a little too excited to get Cam on a dirtbike

Blowing Bubbles

A Weekend Trip to our Packwood Cabin ( We found a hat for Brooklyn at the thrift store)

The School in Packwood with Grandma Gi-Gi (Cam is refusing to look at the camera)

Picnic at Owens Beach with Grandma Nettie (Cam is refusing to look at the camera again)

Glider Airplane in the yard

After a few tries the airplane got stuck in one of our holly trees - until Brian got it down with a fishing pole

Trying Again...

Lemonade 25 cents (The kids enjoyed playing with money)

NAP TIME! Look what a little extra sun can do...Priceless

Friday, April 22, 2011

That First Month

Happy Easter!

It has been a fun 4 weeks since the arrival of baby number three! Brooklyn (one month old) is a great sleeper - which works out well for her. She even sleeps while Taylor and Cam argue about who gets to hold her first. They love her so much. The kids are still adjusting to our new addition and loving every moment! She is such a blessing.

We are so thankful for all of the meals from family and amazing friends. That was extremely generous and helpful.
The kids are still enjoying all of the yummy food.

In this photo, you will notice that Cam is attempting to make a tomato sandwich

Such a perfectionist

Mini Pizzas

More Olives please!

Yes, we love food.

One of our recent outings was a photo shoot with Alicen Lum - a University Place photographer. Her son Hayden is in preschool with Camden so the kids had a great time playing with all of the toys. Her in-home studio almost felt like a spa. A very soothing environment for the kids (especially babies) and she has tons of great props to work with. We had a great time and I love these photos. I highly recommend Alicen. Here is her website: (206) 484-7677

Thank you Alicen for a fun afternoon!

Another fun adventure: ANDERSON ISLAND! Here are a few of my favorite pics from Brooklyn's first vacation with us to our beach house on Anderson Island last weekend with my family (Brian stayed home sick)...

Me and the kids on the private road to our property

Mud Puddle Pies

Cams "Puddle Pie"

Taylor in one of her silliest moments

Grandma Nettie gets a lesson about mud puddles

The beach house

A glimpse of those baby blue eyes

Just waking up


Down on the beach

Hunting for sand dollars

Taylor eating her S'more

Auntie Marian reading a bedtime story

Last but not least - a special THANK YOU to all of our parents and grandparents for helping with the kids this month. You have all supported us and loved us more than we can ever thank you for. We are blessed to have all of you here with us. We love you!